Baseball fans mercilessly boo umpire after he takes bat away from dog

Finn the bat dog has one joy in life: retrieving bats.

Unfortunately, Finn was not able to partake in the activity that gives him pleasure in life Tuesday night, because one umpire ruined that moment for him. Finn, who works as the official bat dog for the Las Vegas Aviators Triple-A team (Athletics affiliate) rudely had his bat stripped away from him right before he was about to snatch it.

Warning: this video may be disturbing.

Let the dogs

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The umpire was rightfully booed by every single fan in the stadium. I mean who does that to an animal? He could clearly see Finn running with extreme joy towards the bat, only for this ump to yank it right before he got there. 

Finn persevered and still chased the bat (like the good boy he is) and retrieved the bat anyways. But it just wasn’t the same because it was a much shorter trip than he’s used to. He only had the bat in his mouth for a few seconds before letting go of it.

People were understandably very upset with the umpire after.

Lifetime sentence

Put this umpire in jail

The search is over

I we found him. The worst person in the world

Literally the worst

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

Stay strong, Finn

This pup isn’t letting the man get him down.

A robot ump has more heart

Starting to like the idea of robot umps more and more

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