Australian cricket tour of England may take place without fans

London: Australia could meet old cricket enemy England behind closed doors during July's tour of the UK.

With international sport either cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, host captain Eoin Morgan says it could be the way forward to advance the game.

Captains Aaron Finch and Eoin Morgan; Australia’s tour of England later this year could take place in empty stadiums.Credit:AP

"From a very serious point of view, if medical experts advised us it was OK to play behind closed doors and it was on TV, I think that would be a huge step forward for the game."

The ECB has announced an emergency £61 million ($124 million) stimulus package to keep counties and clubs afloat during the pandemic due to a fall in revenue during what should be English cricket's peak commercial months.

Centrally contracted England players will not be approached to take a pay cut but may discuss the option on a voluntary basis.

When asked if he would consider such a prospect if a request was specifically made to him, Morgan replied: "I'm extremely willing to help where I know it will make a difference.

"In the extremely uncertain times where no one seems to have any answers on the actual impact it will have on international cricket, English cricket, county cricket … I'm open to absolutely everything."


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