Boxing fans reckon winner of Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will get ‘Diarrhoea belt’

YouTube star Jake Paul is set to finally fight 2019 Love Island contestant Tommy Fury on February 26 after two previous scheduled bouts fell through.

The first was cancelled after Fury pulled out with an injury and the second was scrapped after Fury was left unable to enter the US. The bout was rescheduled for a third time to take place in Saud Arabia and the WBC have unveiled a new 'Diriyah Champion' title belt which will be awarded to the victor.

And boxing fans have hit out at the WBC, branding the new championship the "Diarrhoea belt". One wrote: "Diarrhoea belt, quite an apt name for it."

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"The "diarrhea" belt, in honour of this s***", added a second. While a third wrote: "The diarrhea belt for the winner of this s*** fight, lol, man, the WBC is thirsty handing out belts and rankings to YouTubers".

"As if this event wasn't already a s***show they've now created a WBC Diarrhoea belt to mark the occasion", joked one. While another fumed: "The WBC have released a new belt (which sounds like diarrhoea) a day after they cleared a fighter because they say he ate too many eggs? Can't make this s*** up (pun intended)."

The WBC have also promised Paul a spot in their cruiserweight rankings if he beats Fury, a decision that has been criticised by the likes of promoter Eddie Hearn and heavyweight star Dereck Chisora.

Speaking to IFLTV, Hearn said: "Is it right? Not really. Because there's fighters that deserve to be in the top 15 much more than Jake Paul, but it's the world we live in."

Chisora, meanwhile, told the Daily Mail: "If he gets a ranking with the WBC, I personally think everybody in the WBC should come out of the rankings and be in another federation. Everyone should just drop the WBC and say, 'I'm not fighting for it anymore'.

"That's not fair. There's other boxers who have been slaving themselves, making weight, fighting and because he's boxed two fighters they give him a WBC ranking? No, it's unfair."


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