Derek Chisora calls on Jake Paul to PAY-UP after losing to Tommy Fury

Derek Chisora calls on Jake Paul to PAY-UP after losing to Tommy Fury following their ‘All or Nothing’ deal ahead of the fight… despite reports suggesting the Brit never signed the new contract which would have earned him an extra £4m

  • Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul in a split decision win in Saudi Arabia on Sunday 
  • Ahead of the fight, the pair had agreed to a ‘winner-takes-all’ deal over money 
  • However, Fury reportedly never signed the new contract despite Paul doing so

Derek Chisora has urged Jake Paul to pay up and honour his ‘All or Nothing’ deal over money with Tommy Fury.

Ahead of Paul taking on Fury in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, a heated pre-fight press conference saw the social media star propose an offer to the Brit. 

Fury had repeatedly maintained he was supremely confident he would emerge victorious, leading to Paul challenging him to a deal that the winner from the fight would take all the money. 

Fury had said: ‘Look at my eyes. You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds. I’m a fresh young fighter. You had two lucky escapes at this fight. You should have taken escape, you’ve blown your ticket – I’m coming to take your head off.’

Paul then replied: ‘I think we make a deal.  If you win – I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already – but if I win I take everything I’m paying you since you’re so confident. Deal or no deal?’

Derek Chisora urged Jake Paul to honour his ‘All or Nothing’ deal over money with Tommy Fury

The pair shook on the deal at a fiery press conference ahead of the fight in Saudi Arabia

Fury then responded: ‘Why you standing up? Sit back down. I’m putting you away inside the first round – you’re a s***house’.

The pair then faced off and looked to go head-to-head before they firmly shook on the proposed deal.

Paul went on to lose to Fury on Sunday in a split decision win after their eight-round battle.

However, it was reported the contract – which would have seen Fury double his £4m purse for the fight – was never signed by him despite Chisora posting a video of himself delivering it the Brit after Paul had done so.

This would legally mean Fury is not entitled to any extra money from Paul. A clip has also since emerged of John Fury hitting out at a reporter in the build-up to the fight when asked whether Tommy had signed the contract.

In a video on the Betr TikTok page, John – who was watching Paul get his hands wrapped – was pressed on the matter and replied: ‘Let’s talk about boxing, that’s what we’re here to do, box,’ before he added: ‘I’m concentrating.’

He was then questioned again before he hit out and fumed: ‘Why don’t you shut up. Listen, video boy, just shut up video boy, little nobody.’

However, Chisora has called on ‘The Problem Child’ to not renege on what he had offered.

Fury was victorious in the clash on Sunday in Saudi Arabia by virtue of a split decision win 

However, it has been reported that the Brit never signed the new deal despite Paul doing so

‘When we were on stage in Saudi for this fight, Tommy and Jake shook on the bet and they shook hands,’ Chisora said on his Instagram story.

‘I got the contract, so I think Tommy should get money off Jake Paul or else I’m going to leak the contract out, I got it.

‘A bet is a bet, they shook hands on it, you don’t need the contract and you don’t need anything.

‘Man to man if you shake hands, you pay the man you shook hands with, so I think Jake Paul should wire money to Tommy, that’s fair.’ 

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