Derek Chisora collides with Joseph Parker tonight but which heavyweight contender will propel themselves into world title contention?

Derek Chisora collides with Joseph Parker tonight in a heavyweight showdown, but which contender will propel themselves into world title contention?

Chisora faces Parker on a blockbuster bill, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Katie Taylor also defending her undisputed world lightweight titles against Natasha Jonas in Manchester.

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Can Chisora revive his hopes of a massive fight, or will Parker stay on course for a world title shot?

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Carl Froch

We’ll find out a lot about Joseph Parker’s ambition, because Derek Chisora always comes to fight and still has that desire. It’s a 50-50 fight, but I’m edging towards Chisora.


Chisora will back Parker up and let his shots go from the opening bell. He’ll want to bully Parker around the ring and then put that intense heat on him.

I think Parker will be too far behind on the scorecards as they enter the later rounds and Chisora will win on points. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Chisora knocks out Parker. If he catches him, we’ve seen what he can do.

Matthew Macklin

I’ve got a feeling that Chisora might pull off victory.

Even though Chisora was beaten by Oleksandr Usyk, I was impressed with how much pressure he was able to apply. He really did cut the ring off and get to him. Usyk won the fight, but had to work so hard in every round against Chisora.

It depends on what Parker we see. Against Anthony Joshua, he boxed pretty safe and didn’t really go for it. Parker can’t afford to do that against Chisora, who sets a decent pace. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chisora won on points.

Johnny Nelson

I want Derek Chisora to win, because Derek is the warlord. He gives it his heart and soul once he’s committed himself. If Parker lets Derek walk him down, then he’s lost the fight. But if Chisora lets Parker box him, he’s lost the fight.

Chisora has got to stay in his face, he’s been sparring with the likes of Daniel Dubois, who will keep him busy, and Parker cannot afford to take his foot off the accelerator.

If Parker boxes scared, he wins on points, but if he comes for a fight, then Derek will catch up with him later on. With my neck on the line, I would say Parker on points.

Tony Bellew

It’s going to be a really hard fight, which could end up as a heavyweight classic, because I just can’t see how this doesn’t catch fire.

Chisora and Parker could test each other out for a couple of rounds and then when it hits three and four, we’ll see fireworks all the way through.

Can Joseph Parker hurt Derek Chisora? If he can’t, then he’s in for a long night. I think Derek will win it with a late stoppage.

David Coldwell

When you’ve got Andy Lee, with his brain and experience, coaching Joseph Parker, then I think you’re going to see a better authoritative jab and punches thrown off the jab. The problem for me is that Parker in these big fights has not wanted to engage.

If Parker can keep Derek at arm’s length with his boxing, then he’s got more of a chance. But with Buddy McGirt now training Chisora, he might have added some more thought and technique behind Derek’s attacks.

I don’t know which version of each fighter we’re going to get. Derek seems happy and confident and I fancy that he could pull it off, but it is a genuine 50-50 fight for me.

Spencer Oliver

Derek Chisora is going to go for it, big time. Buddy McGirt is a good addition to his team, but did he have enough time to adjust and change Derek?

Joseph Parker has shown his ambition by teaming up with Andy Lee. He’s packed up, left New Zealand, and come over here to set up camp with Lee, who is a great trainer, a great tactician.

Parker is the fresher of the two at 29-years of age and I think he will come out with a close points win. Derek will give it everything, but Parker will do enough to get the decision after a war.

Andy Clarke

I think Joseph Parker could have a new lease of life under his new trainer Andy Lee and realises that if he doesn’t win against Derek Chisora, then he is no longer relevant in the heavyweight division.

That should put the wind up him and he’ll get it done. In terms of how, I would say that he wins on points. I don’t think that he can knock Chisora out.

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