Fans say ‘boxing has peaked’ as tag-team fighting becomes real thing

Fans have been floored by the introduction of tag-team boxing.

As Misfits Boxing kicked off on DAZN on Sunday, fans picked one part of the fights out as a turning point for the sport, although some weren't overly keen.

Luis Pineda and BDave won the first-ever Misfits Boxing tag team match against Ice Poseidon and Anthony Vargas on Saturday, with influencer boxing fans jumping on the hype. The fight saw BDave score a second-round TKO over Posiedon to finish the inaugural match.

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The craziest moment of the match didn't even happen in the ring, despite the boxing being incredibly entertaining. During the first round, Vargas and Poiedon's manager appeared to pull her top off and try to jump into the ring herself.

Once the dust settled, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new-look boxing match. "Boxing has peaked," wrote @jonnyescott.

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@roathy_ tweeted: "Boxing purists in the mud. This was great fun to watch."

One fan admitted the quality wasn't amazing. @GazWaller said: "U know what forget the quality of the fights tonight tag team boxing will be an exciting watch."

Despite the plaudits, there were some boxing fans that weren't sold on the idea. "Can you call that boxing?" tweeted @AstarBoxing.

@pratley20 said: "Honestly pathetic."


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