Fighters on the Paul undercard will get '50% of their purse'

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul will pay all fighters scheduled for undercard of his cancelled Hasim Rahman Jr bout ‘50% of their contracted purse’ from his own pocket

  • MVP have released a statement following the cancellation of their boxing event 
  • Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman JR got called off after the latter didn’t make weight 
  • The company has since spoken of their disapproval of Rahman JR pulling out 
  • They also provided a detail account of Rahman JR knowing that he’d miss weight 

Most Valuable Promotion’s have confirmed that all the fighters scheduled for the Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman JR undercard will get paid ‘50% of their contracted purse’. 

The bout, which was set to take place at Madison Square Garden, was cancelled due to a disagreement over the weight class – which MVP have now clarified.  

They explained that they felt it would not be safe to pit the two against each other at a higher weight-class – with Rahman JR potentially weighing in at 230lbs on the evening.  

Jake Paul will pay fighters on the undercard ‘50% of their contracted purse’, says MVP

The bout was cancelled after a disagreement over the weight class for the fight

In a statement, MVP said: ‘The undercard boxers who were set to fight today as part of the Jake Paul & Amanda Serrano MVP event spent countless hours training both physically and mentally to prepare to fight on one of the biggest stages of their careers. 

‘These undercard fighters abided by the terms of their contracts and Jake and MVP are extremely disappointed that the event cancellation adversely impacted them.

‘Amanda Serrano, Ashton Sylve and Brandun Lee are in the process of rescheduling their bouts against their respective opponents. All other undercard fighters of the event will be receiving a payment directly from Jake Paul of 50% of their contracted purse amount and are free of any contractual obligations to the promotion.

‘We remain committed to ensuring fair fighter compensation and look forward to putting together our next event.’

Paul is undefeated in his boxing career – but Rahman Jr would’ve been his biggest challenge

The boxing promotion company also shared their account of Rahman missing weight – and why it caused the entire event to be cancelled.  

‘Jake Paul has never fought heavier than 191 ¾ pounds – he is a full-fledged cruiserweight (200 pound weight limit). Hasim Rahman Jr. signed a contract to face Paul at 200 pounds in early July.

‘On July 29, according to the NY State Athletic Commission, Rahman weighed above 215 pounds in the commission’s pre-fight weight check, just one week from the official weigh-in. (Rahman later admitted that his team manipulated the scales).

Rahman Jr failed to make the 200 pounds that the fight was initially meant to be held at

‘The commission then ordered the maximum weight at the official weigh-in as 205, which Jake and MVP agreed to.

‘The next day, on July 30, Rahman’s promoter wrote to MVP that Rahman wouldn’t be able to lose any more weight, saying that Rahman was ‘killing himself’ trying to make the new 205 limit by Friday’s official weigh-in and that he couldn’t do it. We were told that Rahman was going to weigh-in officially at 215 pounds.

‘With the possibility that Rahman could potentially weigh 230 pounds on fight night, effectively pitting a full-fledged heavyweight against a cruiserweight, MVP announced the fight is cancelled.’

Paul’s last win saw him knock-out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley

Rahman Jr recently posted a video of a sparring session he had with Paul that shows the YouTuber-turned-boxer run away from him.

The caption took a swipe at the fight’s cancellation and pinned the blame on Paul. It said: ‘Never in the history of boxing has someone pulled out a fight a week in advance over weight issues. I tried to tell y’all, he’s a runner he’s a trackstar.’

Paul has won each of his five professional fights to date but Rahman would have been his first bout with a career boxer, with his wins so far coming against MMA fighters, a basketball player and a YouTuber. 

Following the fight’s cancellation, Rahman posted a video of Paul running away in sparring

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