Inside Tyson Fury’s pool party featuring $18,000 bubbly, cigars and superstar DJ

For the best heavyweight on the planet, Tyson Fury's entrance to his second party of the weekend was decidedly low-key.

He slipped in the same entrance as the paying guests who had forked out at least $200 for the privilege of basking in the glory of his second successive stoppage win over Deontay Wilder.

But there was nothing low-key about the three hours Fury and his team spent in their cabana as renowned DJ Steve Aoki spun his tracks in front of a fervent crowd.

Twelve hours after his appearance at Hakkasan nightclub in the immediate aftermath of his 11th-round victory, Fury ambled in to Wet Republic to join the handful of his entourage who had arrived early on a reconnaissance mission of the champion's prime spot for the afternoon.

Fury, who dropped Wilder three times while twice hauling himself off the canvas in the fourth round, was joined by wife Paris, brothers Shane and Tommy, coach SugarHill Steward and nutritionist George Lockhart.

Topless with a pair of brown shorts, socks, trainers and a dominant silver crucifix, Fury donned a pair of shades, grabbed a Bud Light and saluted the expectant crowd.

Wife Paris, who flew into Las Vegas at the end of last week, had pulled on a white summer dress emblazoned with the word "love" in pink and black.

She had also acquired the hat her husband wore for his weigh-in when he channeled WWE star The Undertaker.

Ninety minutes after his arrival, Fury was joined in his exclusive area by Aoki as, showing no signs of wear and tear from his brutal battle, the Mancunian blew kisses to his adoring fans.

More than once the security guards had to remind overeager partygoers to keep their distance.

With an elaborate drinks menu which would make your bank manager blush, this was no second-rate affair.

And the man himself was treated to one of the club's party tricks as a parade of scantily-clad waitresses rolled out the red carpet.

Each of them held a card emblazoned with a single letter which, put together, spelled out "Gypsy King" while accompanied by the. blast of a horn which would not have sounded out of place in a traffic jam on the M25.

Yet more girls trotted up in a mock pirate ship but the star of the show was a $18,000 three-litre bottle of pink Ace of Spades bubbly – the second most expensive in the fridge but presumably free for the champion of the world.

Fury took the opportunity to engage with his fans who had encroached as closely as possible to his hideout.

He signed one T-shirt but baulked when the same partygoer returned with another – perhaps he sensed it would be going straight on eBay.

And as a way of dispersing the thronging crowd, one member of his entourage jumped into the private pool, sending water spraying over the masses.

Fury was largely left to his own business but as Aoki neared the end of his two-hour set, he called on the revellers to rouse the heavyweight champion.

More T-shirts were signed while Paris posed for a distanced selfie with two blonde bombshells who had avoided the security guard's piercing gaze.

Steward had joined the party by this stage and he lounged around deep in conversation with his pupil, perhaps re-living the remarkable events of the night before.

And as the sun dropped behind the towering Sin City hotels, cigars were passed around as Fury joined his guests in a hearty rendition of first Oasis' "Wonderwall" and then Queen classic "We Are The Champions".

Shortly before 6pm, the last word, as is now customary in boxing, belonged to Neil Diamond as "Sweet Caroline" closed the show.

For Tyson Fury, good times have certainly never seemed so good.

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