Jake Paul's brother Logan vows to knock out TYSON Fury

Jake Paul’s brother Logan vows to knock out TYSON Fury after his sibling’s fight against Tommy in Saudi Arabia, telling the Gypsy King – ’round two, I’m knocking your a** out’

  • Jake Paul finally fights against Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night
  • His brother Logan called out Fury’s brother Tyson on the eve of the showdown
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Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s older brother, has threatened to knock Tyson Fury out after his brother’s fight against the heavyweight’s younger sibling Tommy on Sunday.

Jake Paul was filming himself and Logan as they got to stand inside the ring that will host Sunday’s hotly anticipated fight, when Logan appeared to escalate the tension between the two families.

The clip starts with Jake saying: ‘Tomorrow I prove that the Pauls are greater than the Furys. The debate is over. Tune in, ladies and gentleman.’

Logan adds: ‘Then Tyson, round two I’m knocking your a** out’.

Logan has boxed himself, most notable in an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather but also against another YouTuber in KSI. Paul lost that fight, in 2019 in Los Angeles.

Logan Paul (right) called out Tyson Fury ahead of his brother Jake’s fight with Tommy Fury

On a video on his brother’s Instagram, Logan said to Tyson that he would ‘knock his a** out’

Tyson as of yet hasn’t responded to Logan’s taunt but the Gypsy King isn’t usually one to let threats roll by. He is in Saudi Arabia and is expected to be in his brother’s corner for Sunday’s fight.

And speaking earlier in the day on Saturday, he didn’t have warm words for his brother’s opponent Jake.

He told BT Sport: ‘I can smell the fear, he’s s***ing himself. He knows it’s real now and he’s getting knocked out tomorrow and I can’t wait to see it!’

The heavyweight boxer Tyson is undefeated in his career, with a record of 33-0-1 – the tie coming in a fight with Deontay Wilder in 2018, when he incredibly picked himself up off the canvas when a Wilder right hook left hook combo looked like it had left him out cold.

Tyson is also said to be in talks with Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk for a fight that would unify the heavyweight division.

Sunday’s fight in Saudi Arabia is expected to make millions for both Paul and Tommy Fury.

Paul is a narrow favorite with several bookmakers, while Fury heads into the fight with slightly more boxing pedigree with eight wins from eight professional fights to his name.

Fury and Paul weighed in ahead of their fight on Saturday, with Fury coming in just under the limit at 184.5lbs, while Paul was slightly lighter at 183.6lbs.

Tyson Fury is undefeated in his career and is eyeing a fight to unify the heavyweight division

Jake Paul (left) is fighting Tommy Fury on Sunday in a hugely anticipated fight in Saudi Arabia 

Despite both fighters making weight, tensions boiled over and the pair had to be separated. While on stage Fury could be heard shouting ‘it’s over’ before shoving Paul.

After the exchange, Fury told reporters: ‘Tomorrow night, his time is up. Jake Paul will no longer be boxing. I’m gonna put this guy away in four rounds.’ 

Paul took a more measured approach and called out Fury for showing off to the cameras.

‘He’s acting on stage, getting all hyped up, trying to act like his brother,’ Paul said. ‘This professional boxer is going down; it’s easy, it’s simple.

 ‘I’m ready, calm, cool, collected. This is what I do. He’s shaking up on stage; you can see the nerves running through his system. I’m chill.’

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