Logan Paul admits he took Floyd Mayweather's threats seriously

Logan Paul reveals he feared he or his brother Jake would be SHOT after his sibling came to blows with Floyd Mayweather in ugly Miami fracas when YouTuber stole the boxing legend’s hat

  • Jake Paul was involved in a scrap with Floyd Mayweather in Miami last month 
  • YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul stole the legend’s hat and sparked a mass brawl 
  • Mayweather is said to have shouted ‘I’ll kill you’ after both camps stepped in 
  • Logan Paul, who will take on Mayweather tonight, took his threats seriously 

Logan Paul admitted he took threats from Floyd Mayweather seriously in the build-up to their bout – and insisted he was ‘afraid’ he and his brother Jake may get shot.

All-time boxing great Mayweather was sent spinning into a red-faced rage after Jake stole his cap during a press conference last month, and the confrontation resulted in an ugly brawl breaking out between both camps.

When tempers flared, and Jake was left sporting an apparent swollen black eye, Mayweather could reportedly be heard declaring: ‘When I catch you, motherf***er, I’ll kill you motherf***er! You crazy?’.

Logan Paul admitted he took threats made by Floyd Mayweather before their bout ‘seriously’

Mayweather was heard shouting ‘I’ll kill you’ after the boxing legend clashed with Jake Paul

And now, on the eve of their exhibition fight in Miami, YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan has said he was left shaken by the level of Mayweather’s expletive-ridden rant. The security for the siblings has been increased.

‘Probably the only time I’ve been scared in my adult life is when Jake took Floyd’s hat and I was afraid he was gonna get shot or something,’ Logan told The Times.

‘Or I was gonna get shot trying to protect him.

Logan’s younger brother Jake stole Mayweather’s hat last month and an ugly fracas broke out

‘When a man with the resources that Floyd Mayweather has, says, “I’m gonna kill that motherf***er,” that’s a death threat.

‘Security goes up. [People get] Jake and I confused all the time. So if it’s Jake’s problem, it’s now my problem too.’ 

The incident between Mayweather and Jake was caught on camera, after the younger of the Paul siblings had stepped in to confront the unbeaten 50-0 fighter. 

Mayweather is also said to have shouted, ‘I don’t know who the f*** he thinks he’s playing with, but I don’t play no motherf***ing games!’.

Fellow boxer Jake had been at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami for the pre-fight press conference

Mayweather was caught on camera lashing out at Jake as both their camps started to scrap

He then added: ‘I’ll f*** you up! I don’t play no motherf****ing games.’ 

Logan came in two stone heavier than rival Mayweather during the weigh-in on Saturday, as both fighters make their final preparations before stepping into the ring for the eight-round contest.

Mayweather had weighed in at 155lbs while Paul, who was set a limit of 190lbs, came in at 189.5.

Mayweather was left furious after his hat was stolen and the Paul brothers increased security

Heavy underdog Logan may hold the advantage in both height and weight but Mayweather, who is 18 years older than his opponent, has been quick to play down the differences.

Popular online personality Logan has fought professionally just once in his career, losing out to fellow YouTuber KSI, and Mayweather is unsurprisingly in a bullish mood ahead of his return. 

‘My nickname is Money for a reason,’ Mayweather said on the ‘Inside Mayweather vs Paul’ show.

Logan and Mayweather had faced off against each other again when both fighters weighed-in

‘I worked extremely hard for years and years to get to a certain level. A level where we can start calling everything an event. I believe in working smarter, not harder.

‘So if it’s something easy like [the Paul fight], a legalised bank robbery, I gotta do it. I have to do it.’

Logan is set to make at least £10million from the fight, while Mayweather may bank up to £70m.

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