‘Lucky’ Aaron Chalmers got Floyd Mayweather bout after putting name ‘in the hat’

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    Aaron Chalmers thinks it was good karma that turned his boxing career from the brink of being over to fighting one of the greatest of all time.

    The former Geordie Shore star quit MMA for boxing and impressed on his debut back in June, but almost threw in the towel for good before this weekend's unexpected showdown.

    With Chalmers fighting Floyd Mayweather at London's O2 Arena on Saturday evening, it only came about following an injury to Muay Thai star Liam Harrison

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    Speaking to Daily Star Sport on fightweek, Chalmers said: "I heard the dropout had happened and I just got wind of who was booking it, who I get on really well with. I sent a message and within minutes I was on a phone call with him.

    "Two days later the contract was in my inbox. It was that simple. It still hasn't sunk in that it has even happened.

    "I just put my name in the hat, it was just lucky that the lad who was booking it I'd worked with him in Belgium a few years ago and sorted some food, it's all good karma. It turned around and here we are."

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    With the 35-year-old having to immediately change his fight preparations, the 72kg weight limit enforced a huge reduction in foot intake.

    Chalmers said: "I was supposed to be on a Misfits card, but obviously the Floyd chance came in and it was literally a no-brainer, so I was training anyway.

    "But I was training for an 80kg fight – I was enjoying five or six meals a day and now I'm down to three meals and I've got a lot of weight to cut.

    "With training we've had to ramp it up because… how do you train for the best fighter ever? So we are just training to be as fit and as physical as possible with plenty of output.

    "Obviously if I'm not throwing that's when you start to become a sitting target, so just trying to be as fit as I possibly can."

    With Chalmers standing at 5ft 10in, he will have a height advantage over the 50-0 former professional, who stands at 5ft 8in.


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