Tyson Fury fans criticise judges scorecards after epic Deontay Wilder win in Las Vegas

Tyson Fury reacts to win over Deontay Wilder

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Tyson Fury supporters have ripped into boxing judge Tim Cheatham, after the official scorecards from the Gypsy King’s bout with Deontay Wilder were released. Fury overcame the Bronze bomber once more; knocking out the American in the 11th round of a fantastic fight.

Eagerly anticipating the long-awaited fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua, the boxing world was unhappy when Fury announced he was to fight Wilder for a third time – because it meant no bout with Anthony Joshua.

But all anger subsided as the two heavyweights traded blows in a wonderful contest in Las Vegas.

However, while all the fans were in awe of the battle between Fury and Wilder, they did not feel the same way about the judges assessing the fight.

Fans tore into judges Dave Moretti, Steve Weisfeld, and Tim Cheatham, for their interpretations of the rounds.

And it was the latter who found himself on the end of most of the flak, as he had adjudged the tenth round of the contest to be a draw.

Fury brought Wilder to his knees with a clobbering right hook, which had many convinced the Morecambe based fighter had wrapped up the bout.

However, Cheatham was not convinced as he adjudged the tenth round to have been a draw, despite Fury’s hefty punching.

He also had Wilder winning after six rounds, having won rounds two and nine, leaving him all square with Fury after the ninth rounds, according to Cheatham.

Boxing fans were both bemused and confused by the American judge’s verdict, and they made their feelings known on social media.

“Someone get Tim Cheatham to Specsavers. How on earth did he have it as a draw after the 10th round?” said one fan.

“How on earth did the 2nd and 9th go to Wilder,” said another.

“How has one judge scored the 10th 10-9 and the other two, 10-8, and one given the 9th round to Wilder. Watching different fights these guys,” concluded another confused fan.

Fortunately for Fury, Cheatham’s scoring did not matter as he went on to wrap up the fight and successfully defend his WBC title.

He also extended his phenomenal undefeated streak to 32, and he will be looking to become the first undisputed heavyweight world champion since Lennox Lewis.

Joshua’s triggering of his rematch clause to face Oleksandr Usyk again, means Fury will have some time spare before he eventually takes on the winner of his fellow Brit and the Ukrainian.

Unlike the second bout last year, Fury did not have everything his own way against Wilder.

After knocking Wilder down early in the third round Fury looked to be heading for another quick finish, until Wilder brought Fury to the matt with a vicious right hand in the fourth.

Wilder then knocked him down again with another fierce hit; turning the tables so fast the boxing world looked dizzy.

Fury needed a second to regain his composure, but after that he went on to regain the control of the contest.

Wilder was knocked down for a second time in the tenth round in what could be described as a brief prelude to the end of the contest.

With the Bronze Bomber appearing uncertain on his feet, Fury struck the final blow of the contest to surely close the chapter on his rivalry with the American.

Fury grabbed the microphone at the end of the contest and serenaded the crown with a victory song, as is his custom when he wins.

Just like the fight itself, it was a major crescendo bringing down the curtain on a rivalry which has produced three stunning, unforgettable battles.

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