All-Star unis given thumbs-down on social media

DENVER — Fashion forward? Maybe more like fashion faux pas. The fans on social media weren’t exactly raving about the new MLB All-Star jerseys that were on display Tuesday night.

No classic birds-on-a-bat design for the St. Louis Cardinals at Coors Field, no sweet script for the Los Angeles Dodgers. No brown pinstripes on the shirts for the San Diego Padres, no recognizable “NY” logo prominently on the hat for the New York Yankees.

Nowhere close.

Bring back the rainbow of colors, many said, with players wearing their own team’s uniforms. That was a big part of the game’s charm, they said.

Brett Anderson, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, posted on Twitter: “MLB should just let the players wear their own uniforms instead of these slow pitch softball ones.”

The AL is wearing blue uniforms that remind some of jumpsuits. The NL has an all-white ensemble that has many commenting they look, well, bland.

Rather than familiar logos and names, there were three-letter abbreviations on the jerseys for what team they represented.

Major League Baseball has a billion-dollar contract with Nike, whose swoosh is displayed prominently on the right side of the uniform just below the collar.

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