Braves’ Brian McCann accidentally revealed the Josh Donaldson signing before it was official

On Monday, Brian McCann officially returned to his hometown Atlanta Braves when he signed a one-year contract that brought him back to Atlanta for the first time since 2013. When the Braves held a press conference with McCann and general manager Alex Anthopoulos, the catcher let slip a rumor that free agent Josh Donaldson would also be joining the Braves.

During his press conference, McCann was raving about the Braves’ young core of players when he made public the still-unofficial news that Donaldson had been signed by the Braves. The Braves announced the Donaldson signing a few hours later on Monday night.

“You see these guys come up and be impact players, so that allows a team to, you know, get a Donaldson,” McCann said. “That’s how you win championships.”

McCann, glanced over at Anthopoulos and immediately tried to backtrack. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that,” he said while laughing. “I just read it on Twitter.” 

“Never believe Twitter,” cracked Anthopoulos.

McCann just got a little excited about joining forces with 2015 American League MVP winner. The two of them paired with the Braves’ talented young core sets up the Braves among the National League elite for 2019. So, we can’t really blame him.

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