Hail Of Beer Cans At Red Sox Parade Injured One Fan, Got Another Arrested, And Damaged The World Series Trophy

Victory parades are one of the few times when a person can get away with drinking in public without getting arrested or making their friends concerned. It’s helpful if you’re famous, too. As the Boston Red Sox made their way along the parade route today, overeager fans who were willing to share their beer cans did damage to players, the manager, and the trophy.

Credit to Boston.com for a helpful roundup of some of those flying beers. Poor Mookie Betts just wanted one day off from having to catch objects:

David Price was all over the place:

Relievers Matt Barnes and Craig Kimbrel were much more adept fielders:


For the first time in his life, Chris Sale had some fun. He caught a beer and mostly chugged it:

Dustin Pedroia appreciated the offering thrown at him, until he realized it was warm. He didn’t want your damn nips, either. Things were so much better for him in 2013:


Manager Alex Cora was the target of an open beer, courtesy of an underage dummy who was later arrested. How’s he supposed to drink it if you’ve already cracked it?


Someone who wasn’t even on the duck boats got smacked with a can of suds, according to the Boston Globe. She might need sutures:

Onlooker Niamh Delaney, 20, said she got pelted in the face with one such projectile, and onsite medics recommended she go to the hospital because she may need stitches.

Delaney, who was standing right behind a barricade on Tremont Street, said she thinks someone from the other side was trying to throw the can at a passing duck boat.

“It was coming at like 15 miles an hour, that thing nailed me,” she said, holding a tissue up to a gash on her nose.


The World Series trophy also took one to the flags. Via WCVB:

The Red Sox needed better muscle on those duck boats—someone who would have caught, drunk, or at least blocked those beers. Should’ve called Gronk.

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