MLB rumor mill: Bryce Harper to the Yankees ‘not happening’

For years, it made almost too much sense. 

Now, though, the Yankees have a full outfield and a need at first base. They also sound like they don’t want to spend huge this offseason. They already have an outfielder on a $300 million-plus contract in Giancarlo Stanton, too. Sure, they could squeeze Harper in, but the offense is already the most powerful in baseball. The big need is in the rotation. 

Still, once Harper’s agent, Scott Boras, floated that Harper could handle first base, the speculation started to fly. The Yankees don’t really have a sure thing as a long-term answer at first. 

Then we got this, though: 

The bucket of cold water has been thrown on the speculation. 

Harper will have plenty of suitors. It sounds like the Yankees won’t be one of them. A few years ago, that would’ve sounded pretty funny to us. They really do need starting pitching a lot more than they need Harper right now. 

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