Padres fan starts brawl after knocking out Rockies fan cold with one punch

The first game of the Padres-Rockies doubleheader on Wednesday afternoon had some on-field fireworks during it. Victor Caratini slugged a grand slam in Game 1 to help the Padres earn a 5-3 victory in seven innings over their NL West division rival. Meanwhile, Game 2 saw Josh Fuentes drive in all three Rockies runs, two on a 404-foot homer, to give the Rockies a 3-2 victory.

Neither on-field game was a slugfest, but during the day one developed between fans of each team.

As shared by Jomboy Media on Twitter, a brawl broke out as a result of an altercation between a Padres fan and a Rockies supporter.

What started as a verbal altercation quickly escalated to a physical one, as a man in a San Diego jersey knocked out a Colorado fan with one swift punch. After that punch was thrown, several other Rockies fans charged at the Padres fan and wrapped him up.

Ouch. That’s something you’d be more likely see in a boxing match than at a baseball game. Surely, it had to hurt, and hopefully, the fan who took the punch is OK.

It’s unclear what became of this incident, but you have to imagine that the Padres fan was ejected from Coors Field for his antics. It’s hard to imagine that he’ll be welcomed back there at any point in the future.

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