Red Sox victory parade marred by flying beer cans

After the Boston Red Sox finished off their World Series championship, they showered each other in beer and champagne in the visitors clubhouse at Dodger Stadium.

Three days later as the team triumphantly paraded through the streets of Boston in  traditional duck boats, Red Sox fans apparently couldn't resist the opportunity to toss beer at their heroes. 

Unfortunately, the beer was still in the cans. And the honorees weren't pleased. 

“This definitely has got to stop,” outfielder Mookie Betts told a Boston Globe reporter on one of the parade boats. Betts' mother and other members of his family were also on board.

And Betts wasn't the only one who had to dodge the projectiles. Manager Alex Cora also was hit. So was the World Series trophy. And one fan was injured. 

At least one person was arrested: A man police identified as Patrick Connolly, 19, of East Sandwich, Mass.

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