Celtics’ Jayson Tatum defends 2018 training session with Kobe Bryant: ‘He didn’t teach me anything bad’

After a stellar rookie campaign, some believe Celtics’ Jayson Tatum saw a bit of a regression in his game last season.

Many expected the former Duke standout to take the step and elevate his play even further. While he did improve marginally last season, it wasn’t near the level Celtics fans were hoping for.

One criticism Tatum faced last season was his decision to regularly pass up open 3-pointers in favor of contested midrange jumpers. Some even pointed to training sessions the 20-year-old had with former Lakers star Kobe Bryant prior to the season as the source of his regression.

Following the Celtics’ 100-75 win over the Magic in the preseason on Friday, Tatum was asked about his midrange game. He even defended the training sessions with Bryant, though he wasn’t asked about them.

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