Djokovic left seething by Norrie after Brit rifles ball at him from close range

Novak Djokovic was furious with Cameron Norrie in their Italian Open round of 16 clash.

The Serbian stared down the Brit who had smashed the ball at him from close range after Djokovic had turned his back whilst the ball was still live. Fans and viewers alike were left shocked by the tension between the pair as the 35-year-old was visibly furious with the world number 13.

In the fourth game of the second set, Djokovic could only return Norrie’s shot high into the Rome sky before Norrie slammed the return shot back towards the Serb who had turned his back on the action.

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The slam struck Djokovic in the calf after he had given up on the point whilst the ball was still live.

Norrie immediately held up his hand in apology to Djokovic following his seemingly unintentional drill but the seven-time Wimbledon champion stared down the 27-year-old.

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Amazon Prime commentator Mark Petchey called Norrie out for his decision to play the shot back at the top seed with the court mostly open and Djokovic having given up on the point.

"Well I’ve got to say in Novak’s defence here, he had given up the point. That ball didn’t need to go anywhere near him,” Petchey said.

“If you watch it I mean it’s a brilliant get from Novak, it was a terrific drop shot from Cam. But Novak has turned his back here, I mean it’s not as though Cam needs to worry about him picking it up.

"I just don’t know what was going through Cam’s mind to be honest, it is kind of unnecessary. And I can assure you if it was around the other way, he wouldn’t have liked it either. So you can understand this reaction from Novak."

The heated moment ultimately didn’t affect Djokovic who went on to win 6-3, 6-4 to qualify for the quarter-finals, continuing his run of never exiting the Italian Open before the final eight.


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