Eddie Hall filmed ‘soiling himself’ before passing out during 1000kg leg press

Footage of strongman-turned-boxer Eddie Hall attempting an 1000kg leg press recently resurfaced, and it does not make for pleasant viewing.

In the video, uploaded to Hall’s YouTube channel over a year ago, the strongman tells his millions of fans that the 1000kg leg press is the heaviest he’s ever done and that despite nursing several knee and hip injuries, he was going to go for it.

Hall, also known as the Beast, warms up with several sets of back squats before switching over to the leg press. He works in reps of 8, and adds more and more weight for each set.

Mid-way through one set, Hall lets out a loud groan and tells his camera man “I’ve soiled myself. Can you smell it? I’m going to have to go and wipe my a**. Sorry man.”

After a short break in proceedings, Hall starts to add seriously heavy weights to the leg press, telling his viewers that 1000kg isn’t safe on his machine.

“We’re upping the ante today. Usually, because of safety, I just put one on the end because the max you can get on the leg press is 850kg. But today, I’m putting the extra plates on.

“I’m risking my life here. We’ll go for 950kg, and then I’ll add the extra 50kg dumbbell in the middle.”

“This is the heaviest I’ve ever done on this machine.”

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Hall successfully completes his target, but at the end of the set, the former World’s Strongest Man goes quiet, and his head falls to one side.

Moments later, his eyes open and he lifts his head up before asking his camera man “Did I blackout there? I’ve just woke up. F**k me. I’m going to lie down for a bit.”

Eddie Hall is set to return to action later this year in a boxing match against Game of Thrones star Hafþór Björnsson.

The bout, expected to be the heaviest boxing match in the sport's history, is expected to take place on September 18 in Las Vegas.

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