LeBron James turns tattoo artist as he and son get matching ink

NBA legend LeBron James continues to prove himself as a man of many talents after taking on the role of tattoo artist when eldest son Bronny got his first piece of ink this week.

The Los Angeles Laker wasn't the one administering the work of art for his son, however, but received a new tattoo of his own in the same sitting. Like his son, James was still in high school when he got his first tats and is now plastered in ink at 27 years of age.

And 17-year-old Bronny (real name also LeBron) appears intent to follow in his father's footsteps after he appeared to get at least four pieces done in his tattoo debut. The pair visited Ganga Tattoo's LA shop for the milestone moment, where 'The King' even tattooed his trademark crown on the owner's wrist.

"Can’t express how grateful I am to see people I’ve been admiring for so long trust my work, feeling truly blessed and the only thing I can say is thank you all, this is just getting started," wrote tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga via Instagram. "Thanks @kingjames for this opportunity, it’s an honor to have the crown tattooed by the king."

The 'King James' moniker was bestowed upon James during his days as a high school prospect in his native Ohio. One of the most freakish prospects basketball has ever seen, he was dubbed so by pundits who predicted he could be heir to the throne of 'His Airness', Michael Jordan.

Neither Bronny nor Ganga posted any detailed shots of the former's first pieces. However, the images suggest he's at least started work on each of his wrists, below his left ear and on the back of his neck.


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James Sr., meanwhile, received either a new design or a tough-up to an existing piece on his right quad. It's easy to tell the 37-year-old is well-accustomed to the pain by now, with his arms folded and looking almost uninterested while Ganga worked.

The upcoming NBA season will be LeBron's 20th in the league, and both he and the Lakers are in need of drastic improvement after missing the play-offs last time out. The veteran led the west-coast giants to a championship in 2020, meaning he's one of only four players to win titles with three different franchises.

It may be a few years before 17-year-old Bronny is ready to enter the league, but James has hinted at playing alongside his son in future. The junior talent is taking after his father in regards to body art, but the pressure is on to see if he can emulate his talents on the hardwood.

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