More Basketball Players Should Reenact Their Own Cool Moves

What’s better than hitting the Shammgod, the coolest move in basketball? Providing an immediate historical reenactment, just in case anybody missed it. Russell Westbrook, thank you for your service.

Westbrook has been at it for quite a while now, though typically it’s after the Eurostep:

Occasionally he’s more subtle, with embellishment from the bench:

This stomping rendition was especially inspired:


This habit is by no means unique to Russ. You can see James Harden (duh) and Myles Turner (huh) echoing their own moves in this compilation:

One of the best specimens might be the big man Eurostep mime, such as this Montrezl Harrell jig flagged by Zach Lowe back in April:


But really, we’re going to need to see more of this from Giannis, please. One or two mimed Eurosteps, and he’d be back in position for defense anyway. Everybody wins.

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