Royce White rips LeBron James, Lakers for signing Jared Dudley instead of Carmelo Anthony

Former NBA player Royce White blasted LeBron James and the Lakers for signing Jared Dudley instead of Carmelo Anthony.

White, a former 16th overall pick who played in three NBA games, wasn’t holding back as he claimed “Melo is absolutely being blackballed.” White started his rant by defending Anthony.

“He’s giving too much to the game for them not to allow him to play or for them to culturally just make a decision or an agreement that he’s not good enough any more,” White said during an interview with ESPN. “All of us here who have played a game at the highest level know how good Melo is and we know that there’s no way that the Lakers would go out and sign Jared Dudley and not sign Carmelo Anthony.”

White went on to question James’ leadership and why the star didn’t try harder to get the Lakers to sign Anthony in free agency.

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