Strongman icon Mariusz Pudzianowski KOs former MMA champ with brutal uppercut

Mariusz Pudzianowski stunned a former champion with a devastating first-round knockout victory at KSW 70 to extend his run of brutal finishes to five consecutive fights.

The Polish juggernaut headlined the Saturday evening event and faced his toughest test yet in former middleweight king Michal Materla, who has 31 professional MMA victories to his name.

Not one to feel nervous, Pudzianowski told Daily Star Sport in the week that he was feeling great in the build-up to the bout – and he made that count with a brutal combination inside two minutes of his return to the cage.

After landing a huge right to leave his opponent on the back-foot, the 45-year-old juggernaut connected with an uppercut that would be the the beginning of the end.

Materla, 38, fell onto his back and left his head unshielded from his opponent, tasting one last thumping right fist before the referee dived in to save the fallen fighter.

Pudzianowski then reeled off with one arm raised as he celebrated his latest stunning win, sending the commentators into raptures with his opponent sprawled out on the canvas.

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Pudzianowski has now extended the best run of his career with five devastating wins over the past three years, the latest of which coming after his blistering 18-second demolition of 23-stone rival Serigne Ousmane Dia.

Pudzianowski had told Daily Star Sport on fight week: "I'm having a great time.

"I won't let myself feel any pressure until about two hours before the fight. That's how I'm at my best."

Pudzianowski, who began his professional MMA career in 2009, and has put together his recent run of triumphs following 12 wins from his opening 19 outings.

His test this weekend came against the agile 6ft former middleweight champion Materla – who offered up a far different challenge to 6ft 5in Dia, known as the Bombardier.

He said of that difference: "The only changes I've made to my training is sparring partners, I made no other adjustments when it comes to preparation – plenty of conditioning, strength work and skill training."

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