This Larry Bird tomato lookalike proves that nature is, indeed, healing

You say tomato, I say … Larry Bird?

Before you chop up this tomato to slap it on a BLT, take a long, hard look: A lot of people figured this fruit (or vegetable, I guess), to have a stunning, disturbing resemblance to Hall of Fame basketball star Larry Bird.

*Slowly removing sunglasses.*

And, by God, they’re right.

Poor Larry. He deserves better than this. That’s one of the greatest NBA players of all time! Tomatoes aren’t even that versatile or tasty. Though, I bet you could slap a Celtics jersey on that bad boy and he’d go off for 25/10/9. 

It’s not quite Jesus Toast or that one green pepper that looked like Rocky Balboa, but the tomato is entertaining nonetheless. Also, who puts a hat on a tomato?

In any case, lots of Twitter folk took to the tweet machine to voice their opinions on the second coming of Larry Legend (or Larry Veg-end, if you prefer).

If someone finds an eggplant with a full set of shiny teeth like Magic Johnson, this could get a lot more interesting.

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