Cam Newton: I didn’t live up to New England Patriots standard

Cam Newton has ruled out the possibility of retiring after a disappointing 2020 season which has seen him go 6-7 as a starter with the New England Patriots.

The 31-year-old Newton signed a one-year contract with the Patriots in the offseason – a deal reported to be worth up to $7.5m – but has struggled for consistency as New England missed out on the playoffs for the first time since 2008.

The 2015 league MVP threw just five touchdowns and 10 interceptions in his 13 starts, though he did run for 11 scores – his highest tally since his 2011 rookie season (14).

In a statement published on his Instagram account, Newton spoke of his disappointment that things haven’t gone to plan in New England and his determination to put that right.

“Dear Patriot Nation, I will be the first to tell you that this year has been unacceptable in more ways than one!!” Newton wrote. “And the standard has been and always have been set; and unfortunately we (I) did not live up to what that standard was at all times or consistently enough!!

“With that being said the answer(s) is (are) in the locker room and one thing I do know about this bunch is that this locker room is filled with guys who want to be a part of the solution including me!!

“All things considered; you will not see any ‘finger-pointing’ or ‘excuse-making’ but more accountability being placed on the guys (me) to get the job done!! I think I speak for myself and others when I say challenge accepted!!”

Newton caused a bit of confusion with a comment in which he asserted the Patriots included “guys who don’t get it,” which he explained was “not as negative as it sounds” during an appearance on WEEI – a New England sports radio station.

“We are depending on a lot of people who are not used to the pressures of being a New England Patriots player,” Newton said. “And honestly, if I am being honest and candid, I am one of those players.”

The Patriots’ 22-12 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday officially eliminated the team from postseason contention, with Newton stressing he “can’t go out like this,” believing he still has a lot to prove if afforded the opportunity.

“I still have a lot of football left. I still want to play football. I have the urge to be better,” Newton added.

“I am going to leave it up to the people who I’ve been leaving it up to since day one. I am still on the job interview, to be honest with you.”

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