College Football Playoff Rankings: Alabama opens at No. 1 with Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame in

The first College Football Playoff Rankings for the 2018 season are out, and there were a lot of close decisions to sort through. There were also some inconsistencies, which is common with only nine weeks down and five weeks to go until the four playoff finalists are determined.

We will get to that momentarily, but first, let’s start with the usual disclaimer. Nothing in these rankings is meaningful in terms of where teams may be ranked at the end of the season. This isn’t like the weekly top 25 polls where you hold your position until/unless you lose. In any given week, a team could lose and move up or win and move down.  We have seen examples of each over the first four years of this system.

Alabama edged Clemson for the No. 1 spot with its dominance for the duration of the season standing out to this point. Clemson checked in at No. 2, which is unsurprising considering it has turned on its boosters as of late and is one of only three Power Five teams undefeated, the third of which being No. 4 Notre Dame, which has an impressive slate of wins. No. 3 LSU is the only one-loss team in the top four, though it’s defeat — at Florida — is nothing to sneeze at.

Let’s take a look at the entire top 25. Additional analysis will follow.

College Football Playoff Rankings, Oct. 30

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