Cowboys long snapper left confused by ‘snap infraction’ penalty that pushed back last-second field goal try

Cowboys long snapper L.P. Ladouceur was confused and frustrated Sunday after he was called for a controversial "snap infraction" penalty in the closing moments of the Dallas Cowboys' 20-17 loss to the Washington Redskins.

"It sucks," he told reporters after the game.

Ladouceur, a 13-year veteran, was penalized after adjusting the positioning of his hands on the ball before a 47-yard field goal attempt that would have tied the game. When he moved his hands, multiple Redskins defensive linemen jumped offsides. The 5-yard penalty resulted in a 52-yard attempt, which kicker Brett Maher ricocheted off the upright. 

"They told me I was the one responsible for the false start and I did the same exact thing I usually do," Ladouceur said after the game, according to The Dallas Morning News. "I did the exact same thing, the guy just jumped.

"I just adjust it down so I can put my hands on the bottom of it so I can snap it in the right direction. … Exact same thing I've been doing for 14 years."

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