Kyle Long Tried To Beat A Teammate With His Own Helmet And Then Barfed

Training camp fights are a relatively common occurrence, but few are as eventful as the scrap that took place on Wednesday between Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long and defensive lineman Jalen Dalton. Here is a description of the fight that is just packed with evocative imagery:

Long seems to be having a rough go of it lately. He also got into a fight with Akiem Hicks on Sunday, and head coach Matt Nagy didn’t seem too thrilled with the helmet-bashing nature of this latest fight. “Again, it’s all that kind of stuff where we’re more mature than that,” he told reporters. “I know that I personally expect more from us.”

This was a departure from what Nagy had to say after the fight on Sunday, when he assured reporters that the Bears could handle such scruffs because “we don’t have turds on this team.”

Long should maybe consider taking up some post-practice relaxation techniques. It can’t be good for one’s health to want to beat a guy’s ass so badly that you end up barfing.

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