LOOK: Mississippi State unveils clean alternate uniforms with a nod to the National Guard

Mississippi State isn’t the type of school that likes to go wild in its alternate jersey designs, but after this, maybe the Bulldogs will try to experiment a little bit more. Adidas unveiled the “Statesman” uniform on Monday, a look that was “Inspired by the Mississippi Air National Guard C-17 Globemaster III, the Spirit of G.V. ‘Sonny’ Montgomery,” according to the reveal.

The jerseys are a gray palette, a mesh pattern and have STATE across the chest, but the real draw is the helmets.

It feels like these should look too gaudy, but they’re actually pretty much perfect. The interwoven S’ look awesome, and the design in the front is very “military-chic.”

Adidas has come a long way in its alternate looks from the tire tread days, and these are definitely one of the cooler looks they’ve rolled out. These are arguably some of the best alternates Mississippi State has worn. The only gripe might be the lack of maroon, but it’s not uncommon for military tributes to use gray in lieu of primary school colors. The maroon calligraphy on the helmet may help to sate those that do long for school colors to stay on their jerseys.

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