New York Jets week 15 win to lose franchise No. 1 Draft pick

NFL basket case the New York Jets have done the unthinkable and come away with a win over the LA Rams.

But while the pictures of the players celebrating the end of the 13-game losing streak in 2020, the team’s long suffering fans were furious at the victory.

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Why would they be upset about a win?

Because it will likely cost them the chance to sign Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, a player described as a generational talent having led the powerhouse college team to a championship in 2018 and runners up in the nation last year.

The Jets now have a 1-13 record, the same as the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the NFL’s tie-breaker comes down to the strength of the team’s schedule.

The Jets had the third toughest run, while the Jaguars have had 22nd most difficult schedule in the league, meaning the Jaguars.

At 37, Frank Gore may not have had many wins left.Source:AFP

The Jaguars also have the 7-7 Bears next week and the 10-4 Colts in the final game of the season, and despite beating Indianapolis in week one, it appears unlikely Jacksonville will blow this chance at securing a star to rebuild the franchise around.

As for whether Lawrence will be in the 2021 Draft class, it appears likely with the superstar making all the right noises about moving into the big time.

“I think I’m ready,” Lawrence said on The Dan Patrick Show. “I think just being here at Clemson, my journey has taught me a lot. I’ve grown up a lot the past few years. I’m really just ready to take on whatever challenge it is and just have that opportunity.”

It comes just two weeks after a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders that saw the side blow a lead with just five seconds left after Derek Carr found Henry Ruggs for a 46-yard touchdown.

Fans could accept the tanking for Lawrence but the victory has left the supporters devastated by the win.

The Athletic ’s Jets beat writer Connor Hughes said “the Jets didn’t win as a franchise. Not really” after losing the No. 1 draft pick.

He quoted New York running back Frank Gore who said “I’m going to enjoy this one, then have a good Christmas” but added “The same can’t be said for Jets fans, who just received the equivalent of coal in their stockings.”

He also called it “another gut-punch” adding the dream isn’t over but the franchise now needs the Jaguars to somehow find a win.

Quarterback Sam Darnold is more than happy with the win.Source:AFP

In the New York Post, Mark Cannizzaro said it was “too bad” for fans unhappy about the win in a story titled “The Jets deserved this — Trevor Lawrence be damned”.

In For The Win, it was laid out as “The Jets were oh so close to being able to draft him and potentially fixing their quarterback woes that have plagued the team for years. Instead, they ended up winning a meaningless game in a lost season.”

In Sports Illustrated, Conor Orr said “Sunday was a 60-minute advertisement against the idea that any franchise can legitimately tank a season in this sport”.

Most of the NFL was expecting the Jets to claim just the third 0-16 season in history and fans were quick to take to social media to hammer the Jets.

Now Lawrence is just gone. Jags won’t sniff a win finishing with Bears/colts. So the Jets are now probably stuck with Darnold. The fans had already broke up. Now they realize the breakup was just a dream & have to start liking Sam again. What a shitty day for them

In less than a year, Adam Gase has:

Helped obliterate #Jets’ relationship w/Jamal Adams

Halted all of Sam Darnold’s progression

Win a meaningless Week 15 game which will likely send QB godsend Trevor Lawrence to another AFC team (#Jags).

You can’t make this stuff up!

The Jets lost Trevor Lawrence.

The Giants pretty much lost their playoff hopes.

Just an abysmal day for NYC football.

Hard to tell grown men to throw a games and I doubt they give a damn about Trevor Lawrence but winning in week 14 is such a jet thing to do

I grew up rooting for the Jets. Living and dying with the Jets. And to Trevor Lawrence, I say: Consider yourself blessed.

I was 1 of less than 100 people left in a 2,000-entry NFL survivor pool. I took the Rams today. I'm also a Jets fan. So, I watched thousands of dollars and Trevor Lawrence float away late this evening. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

How bad are the Jets? Trevor Lawrence is going to be a millionaire celebrity in his early 20s, and he’s damn lucky that it could be in Jacksonville and not New York.

There’s no pathway to success for the next Jets head coach/GM without Trevor Lawrence. What a terrible rebuild situation.

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