Nick Saban on LSU coin toss: ‘I hope we elect to kick (butt)’

Typically stern and serious, Nick Saban still occasionally delivers funny one-liners, and the Alabama football coach had a spectacular answer when someone called into his weekly radio show and asked whether he’ll elect to kick or receive, should his team win the coin toss Saturday in its road game against LSU.

On the Hey Coach and The Nick Saban Show, he hilariously replied:

“To be honest with you, I hope we elect to kick ass is what I hope we do. But I usually don’t really decide that until we get a little closer to the game because we always take the weather into account.”

As he prepares his top-ranked football team to play its toughest opponent so far this season in the No. 4 Tigers, Saban said doesn’t care about trying to convince everyone that his team isn’t perfect and there’s no guarantee it will steamroll everyone on its schedule.

This week – aside from the presumably short break the team took to celebrate Saban’s 67th birthday Wednesday – the coach said he’s been pushing self-evaluation on his players as it relates to self-awareness, effort, focus and competence before they head to Death Valley and try to remain undefeated.

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