Packers’ Ty Montgomery: It’s ‘very disappointing’ teammates criticized him to media

Ty Montgomery says he’s at a loss when it comes to his place with the Packers.

The running back and kick returner drew the ire of fans and team alike during Sunday’s game against the Rams, when with the Rams up by two points just before the two-minute warning he fumbled a kick return deep in Rams territory instead of taking a knee in the end zone for a touchback.

That error gave the Packers a 29-27 loss and made Montgomery the scapegoat.

“I made a split-second decision. (I thought), ‘I don’t know if this is going to land on the goal line, so I’m not going to take a knee on the goal line, at the half-yard line and take a chance at putting the game in the refs’ hands,’” Montgomery said, via the Wisconsin State-Journal. “Unfortunately, I ended up fumbling the football. I don’t think we’d be having this conversation if I didn’t fumble the football because we know how good our two-minute offense is. But I’ve never been a guy to completely disobey what I’m being told.”

Packers coach Mike McCarthy said after the game that Montgomery made a huge mistake but didn’t give any indication that the team would be cutting him. Still, Montgomery said he doesn’t know his place now.

“I don’t fully understand what my role is right now, what I’m supposed to be doing, how I’m supposed to help this team,” Montgomery said.

The candid questioning led to Montgomery opening up about the piece Mike Silver wrote for after the game in which several unidentified players and coaches vented about Montgomery’s decision to return the kick.

The report said Montgomery threw a tantrum on the sideline after he was taken out of the game and that he had a blatant disregard for listening to the coaches.

It’s a report Montgomery vehemently denied.

“It’s very frustrating that the perception in the media now is no one has my back. I’m insubordinate. I’m a cancer, whatever is out there,” Montgomery said. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s not true that’s causing me to have to deal with false accusations about my character, perceptions about my character. I’ve never been one to throw teammates under the bus. You guys know if you guys ever ask me questions about teammates, I always deflect it. I don’t like it.

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“So it’s very disappointing, especially as a guy who’s jeopardized the length of his career, the amount of money he can make in his career, in the middle of a season being asked to do multiple things all the time. That’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Montgomery will be a free agent after this season, and if the tension in the locker room continues, then there is a high chance the Packers won’t retain him.

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