Rams CB Marcus Peters has a message for Saints coach Sean Payton: Tell him ‘to keep talking that s—’

Rams defensive back Marcus Peters had some choice words for Saints coach Sean Payton.

After what could turn out to be a potential playoff contest, Payton said he really liked the receiver-cornerback matchup New Orleans had against Peters and Los Angeles.

“They were going to travel Marcus to him and that was fine by us,” he said during the postgame press conference Sunday, via NFL.com. “We thought we really liked that matchup, a lot.”

But, Peters didn’t like what the veteran coach had to say.

“Tell Sean Payton to keep talking that s—,” Peters said. “We’re going to see him soon. You feel me? Yeah, because I like what he was saying on the sidelines, too. 

“Tell him, ‘Keep talking that s—. And I hope to see you soon.’ You hear me? And then we’ll have a nice little bowl of gumbo together.”

Marcus Peters looks forward to playing the Saints again, and sharing a bowl of gumbo with Sean Payton. pic.twitter.com/W5Kpmm5P4M

Wide receiver Michael Thomas burned Peters a couple of times in the Saints’ 45-35 victory over the Rams on Sunday. The Rams cornerback allowed six receptions on eight targets for 127 of Thomas’ 211 yards and a touchdown.

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During Peters’ postgame interviews, he owned up to his poor performance and was adamant he could play better.

Los Angeles hopes to rebound after its only loss of the season when it hosts the Seahawks on Sunday.

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