Unemployed NFL quarterback wants a job, rips the Bills for sticking with Nathan Peterman

With the Buffalo Bills running out of healthy quarterbacks, they had no choice but to start Nathan Peterman against the Bears on Sunday and the game went exactly how most people probably thought it was going to go: Peterman threw multiple interceptions and the Bills got routed. 

In Buffalo’s 41-9 loss, Peterman threw three picks, including one that got returned for a touchdown by Leonard Floyd. Not only does Peterman seem to struggle every time he steps on the field, but he somehow manages to look worse with each appearance. As a matter of fact, Peterman has been so bad that unemployed NFL quarterbacks are starting to wonder why they’re unemployed when someone like Peterman has a job. 

Following Buffalo’s loss on Sunday, EJ Manuel decided to vent about the situation on Instagram. Manuel, who was a first-round pick of the Bills in 2013, isn’t currently on an NFL team. The unemployed quarterback spent the 2017 season with the Raiders before being cut just before the start of the 2018 season. 

“I usually never open up about my situation in Buffalo, but the fact that this guy has had multiple games with [four-plus] interceptions … and I still don’t have a job in the league? … UNREAL,” Manuel wrote. “Say what you want about me, but never have I EVER done that.”

Manuel definitely has a point here. At the very least, the Bills would almost certainly cut down on their interception count if they added Manuel and dumped Peterman. Manuel has only thrown 16 interceptions in 590 career passing attempts (one interception every 36.9 throws) while Peterman has thrown 12 picks in just 130 career passing attempts (or one interception for every 10.8 throws). Basically, Peterman throws interceptions nearly three times as often Manuel. 

The 28-year-old Manuel, who went 6-11 during his four years as a starter in Buffalo, believes that Peterman is getting a benefit of the doubt that he never got. 

“Forget a learning curve, I didn’t get the luxury of being able to use that excuse. I wonder why,” Manuel wrote. 

This complaint probably isn’t going to help Manuel get a job with the Bills, but it’s easy to see why he’s upset. 

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