Brad Marchand’s memorable chirps as Bruins star voted NHL’s best and worst trash-talker — again

The National Hockey League’s Player’s Association released on Tuesday it’s player poll — and in a shocking twist, Brad Marchand was the top trash talker.

Conducted before the current NHL season’s pause, the NHLPA polled nearly 600 players were surveyed and Marchand was named the best trash-talker (25.87 percent) and worst trash-talker (10.59 percent). It marked the second consecutive year he earned the honors.

While we’re not always privy to what goes on on the ice, and what is said between players, there are a few instances that we know of — or can assume that Marchand had something nice to say — after all, he was named the third funniest player in the NHL.

Here’s a look back at some of the more recent chirps — we’ll bypass the licking, by the way — featuring the NHL’s best, er, and worst, at it.

Marchand vs. Patrick Sharp

NBCSN’s Patrick Sharp relays a story from when his Chicago Blackhawks faced the Bruins in the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Final. Of course, Sharp had the last laugh as his Blackhawks won the Cup.

Marchand vs. Justin Williams

During last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, Justin Williams and Marchand had a friendly chat on the ice during Game 2 of their series. Williams got a stick up high from Marchand. He then grabbed his chinstrap and the two were jawing with each other before the Carolina Hurricanes captain was escorted to the penalty box. Marchand sent him off to the sin bin with a reminder that he wears the “C” also.

Marchand vs. Dallas Stars fans

Looks like this happened back in November 2018, however, when in the Bruins 1-0 overtime is hard to pinpoint. Marchand spent four minutes after earning a double-minor for roughing in the second period. Five minutes later, he was back in the box for a 10 and two (misconduct and slashing) and then in the third period, he was back with Patrice Bergeron as the pair along with two Stars got roughing minors.

Marchand vs. Barack Obama

Although let’s be honest, Barack Obama had the best chirp back in 2012 (2:03 mark).

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