Red Wings are so bad that Arby’s had to make drastic change to special curly fries promotion

Things are not going well for the Red Wings to begin this season, and adjustments need to be made. We’re not talking just in terms of the roster or gameplan, either.

No, the outlook is so bleak in Hockeytown this season that even Arby’s has had to make some promotional changes on the fly.

With the Red Wings in last place and looking like one of the worst teams in the league (if not the worst) after nine games, the chain restaurant with the meats is doing its best to counter the defeats. As such, they’ve gone ahead and changed a long-running promotion to make it a bit more achievable for this year’s pack of sad Wings.

That … that certainly is an indictment. It’s a monstrous promotional shift that essentially serves as a pretty good burn against the Wings. Seeing a hat trick is relatively rare, even for some of the most talented NHL rosters. The Red Wings didn’t have one at all last year. But three goals in a game? That’s standard stuff, even for the league’s worst squads.

Unless there’s a worldwide curly fries surplus that we’re not aware of, the change likely means that Arby’s has very little faith in anyone on Detroit’s roster registering a hatty this season. It’s hard to blame them. Right now the Red Wings are are fifth-worst in scoring and they may fall even lower than that if things stay the course. 

However, they’ve got a good shot at cashing in on this new promotion quite a bit this season, even with their struggling offense. Detroit has hit the three-goal mark three times already this season (33 percent of their games!) and last year’s team was able to do it 39 times. There could be plenty of free curly fries to go around this season.

But credit to Arby’s, I suppose. What good is a sports promotion if fans never get to use it? They lowered their bar significantly and that will likely be appreciated by the Detroit folk. Lord knows they’re probably going to need some comfort food this season.

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