WATCH: Brad Marchand shows off his acting chops after high-sticking call against Predators

Did Brad Marchand have a point? Yes.

Does Marchand deserve an Oscar? Absolutely.

Did the 30-year-old Bruins left wing take it a bit too far? Probably. After all, his acting cost him a lot of time in the locker room on Saturday night.

After being called for a phantom high-stick on Colton Sissons with less than two seconds left in the first period, Marchand continued to show his displeasure for the call as he mimicked Sissons’ embellishment.

Brad Marchand gets four minutes for a high stick and unsportsmanlike conduct for … this on Colton Sissons.

Brad Marchand gets called for high-sticking on Colton Sissons and recreates Sissons’ reaction

His antics earned him two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct and a 10-minute misconduct, in addition to the original high-sticking call.

Marchand is never one to shy away from, well, anything. While he may have 15 points in 13 games this season and 474 points in 614 career games, he also has a resume filled with suspensions and fines. During last seasons playoffs, he was warned by the NHL to stop, er, licking opponents. In the first game of this season, he jumped the Capitals Lars Eller and left him bloodied.

Now we wait and see if the NHL gives him a call again.

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