‘Lando Norris will find himself in title-winning car – at McLaren or elsewhere’

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    Sky Sports F1 expert Ted Kravitz believes Lando Norris has what it takes to be a world champion – but it might not be with McLaren.

    Norris has been one of the most talked about drivers since he burst onto the grid in 2019. The Briton has recorded finishes of 11th, 9th, 6th and 7th in the drivers' championship since he made his debut and was a whisker away from winning his first race in Russia in 2021.

    Many believe the 23-year-old, whose infectious personality makes him a fan favourite, has the ability to win a drivers' title. Whether that will be in the papaya of McLaren, however, remains to be seen.

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    The Woking manufacturer's new MCL60 car did not set pulses racing during pre-season. Team principal Andrea Stella admitted he was not "entirely happy" with the car at present and conceded that they are not among the top four teams on the grid.

    That spells bad news for Norris, who would have been hoping to see McLaren challenging consistently for podiums again and maybe even race wins after a modest 2022.

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    Jenson Button recently voiced concerns that Norris had made the wrong decision to sign a long-term deal at McLaren, citing the need for him to be in a race-winning car at this stage of his career.

    Button's Sky Sports colleague Kravitz praised Norris' talent in a chat with Daily Star Sport, where he confirmed his own belief that the starlet will challenge for a world title, whether at McLaren or otherwise.

    "Definitely," Kravitz responds when we ask him whether Norris has what it takes to win the drivers' championship. "He’s so talented and he's such a hard worker as well.

    "People may not realise this about him, but after every session, not just races and qualifying, he takes the on board camera shots away with him and sits down with his driver coach, and like a golfer perfecting his swing, goes back and looks at his on board camera shots and says 'look, you’re a bit off that apex there, earlier turn in there'."

    Kravitz gives a unique insight into the meticulous nature of Norris behind the scenes. It's no surprise that so many people think he can one day be world champion.

    "He’ll work long into the evening and over dinner going through these camera shots of what he’s got," he added. "He’s such a hard worker and he’s always better for it. His team boss Andrea Stella said it to us the other day; he’ll always be better tomorrow than he was today.

    "He’s so talented and works so hard. He’ll find himself in a championship car sooner or later, whether that’s in a McLaren and he waits for that to happen or he gets poached by another team. Only time will tell but that is possible.

    "F1 is littered with drivers getting poached by other teams if they need a driver. At the moment, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull don’t have a driver space for Lando, but you never know, they might, and they might battle for the services of Lando Norris eventually, you never know."

    With Norris contracted to McLaren until 2026, fans of the famous old team will be hoping the Glastonbury-born star remains with the team until then and realises his championship dream together.

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