Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher comparison question answered by Jaques Villeneuve

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher’s success in Formula One is down to their cars, according to former F1 Champion Jaques Villeneuve.

The duo are both regarded as two of the best drivers in the sport’s history, with a huge 12 Championship triumphs between them.

Schumacher leads the way with seven to his name between 1994 and 2004, while Hamilton has reigned supreme in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Villeneuve has now been asked the duo – but believes they’ve only been successful because of their vehicles and respective teams.

“These two drivers only won when they had the best car,” he told Motorsport-Total.com.

“They always had the best car in their entire career. If you put Lewis in a Williams now, he won’t win.

“He’s super good and always makes the right decision about which team to join.

“There he builds up a team around himself. That’s all. He might not have won in a Ferrari.”

Villeneuve also shut down Gerhard Berger, who earlier this year claimed Hamilton was the first driver to be on a par with Ayrton Senna.

“That’s the stupidest comment,” Villeneuve added.

“You could also say he’s the first on Fangios level. How do you compare that? It was a completely different time. Who knows?”

“And Senna is also a winner in the best car. [Alain] Prost, too. That’s just the way it goes.”

Meanwhile, Villeneuve doesn’t believe Sebastian Vettel stands a chance of being Ferrari’s main driver in 2020.

And that’s because of the rise of Charles Leclerc who, at 21 and 11 years his team-mates junior, represents the future.

“The energy is not right,” Villeneuve said.

“Everyone wants Leclerc, Leclerc, Leclerc, the media, the fans and you cannot do anything about that.

“It does not matter how well you drive, you’re on the wrong side of the energy, and if it’s like this, you’re suffering for a while, that’s a law in this sport.

“It has nothing to do with the concept of the car. The car was designed with feedback from the drivers who drove before and these were Vettel and [Kimi] Raikkonen – not Leclerc.

“So he [Vettel] has his share in the design of this car.”

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