Lewis Hamilton owns property portfolio including £50m Tom Brady condo

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton owns an impressive property portfolio which spans both sides of the Atlantic. The seven-time F1 world champion has built a net worth of £236million, according to CelebrityNetWorth, and has the properties to match his wealth.

In addition to his £46.8m racing salary, Hamilton has built a business empire away from the racing circuit which includes his own film production company. The Mercedes star’s impressive property portfolio includes a Manhattan penthouse, which is in a building owned by friend and NFL legend Tom Brady.

For a cool £50m, Hamilton received a 12,000 square foot home overlooking the Hudson River, complete with a plunge pool and library. The driver once owned another, expensive £34 million property in Tribeca that he listed in 2017.

Hamilton grew up in Stevenage but his London base is now in the exclusive district of Kensington. In 2017, the Daily Mail reported that the Mercedes star had purchased the £18m six-bedroom home with four reception rooms and two bathrooms.

The property also boasts a kitchen and family room that opens out to a 200-foot garden. However, the place that Hamilton “likes to call home” is the Monte Carlo district of Monaco. However, the exact details of his property in the expensive location are less known with privacy at a premium amongst its rich residents.

Reports have previously placed him in Fontvieille, a 50-year-old sea-facing ward famous for lavish homes and within a short walk of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. The Sun reported in 2007 that Hamilton was considering a 2,000 square foot duplex fitted with four bedrooms and looking out on the Seaside Plaza.

Hamilton is also believed to have an exclusive home in Geneva – another popular location for F1 drivers due its stunning scenery and training opportunities. The Mercedes star reportedly has a home in the Luins village in Nyon, with fellow F1 star Fernando Alonso living nearby.

The quiet location provides opportunities for high altitude training in the nearby mountains while providing ideal routes for running and cycling training. When the weather is not so kind in the tax haven it is believed that Hamilton has a home gym to keep him in shape for the forthcoming season.

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