Lewis Hamilton tells team radio "someone dropped a crazy bomb" in the toilet

Lewis Hamilton shared a bit too much information over team radio ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix today.

Prior to getting in his car to prepare for the race, the 36-year-old visited the bathroom and clearly, the experience had a profound effect on him.

"I'm glad I went to the toilet," he told his Mercedes crew.

"The one I went to, someone had dropped a crazy bomb in there. It was the worst thing ever."

And just to re-iterate his trauma, he added: "It's going to haunt me for life."

The incident soon went viral and lightened the mood on a day of frustration for F1 drivers and fans, with torrential rain severely delaying the start of the Grand Prix at Spa.

Audio footage of the exchange soon reached social media and prompted a series of humorous responses, with a French cameraman identified as the culprit.

"There is no truth to the rumour that the F1 race was delayed because Lewis Hamilton encountered a "crazy bomb" in the bathroom this morning," tweeted The Big Lead writer Stephen Douglas.

The @Motorsport account suggested the weather hold-ups could help the seven-time world champion: "At least the new five minute delay will give him the chance to find a clean toilet."

Joe Pompliano meanwhile, echoed the sentiments of many when he commented: "Lewis Hamilton with the highlight of today's race."

Indeed, the Grand Prix itself descended into farce after the adverse weather, which had prompted controversy in qualifying following a bad crash for Lando Norris, delayed the start.

As drivers and spectators waited patiently, there was little sign of improvement until a brief break from the heavy rain persuaded race officials to get things underway, more than three hours after the scheduled start time.

But only two laps with a safety car were possible – meaning the final positions mirrored that of the order of qualifying – and half points were awarded to the drivers occupying the top 10 positions.

So as well as now being haunted for life, Hamilton also saw his title lead dented with Max Verstappen declared the winner with 12.5 points, and Hamilton third with 7.5, meaning the gap between the pair in the overall standings is down to three.

There was at least reward for George Russell's incredible qualifying efforts though, the Williams driver picking up 9.5 points.

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