Mercedes to review Lewis Hamilton and George Russell incident after ‘warning’

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Mercedes are set for talks at their Brackley headquarters after Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s worrying collision at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Russell was formally warned by the FIA for his role in the incident, which saw Hamilton sustain damage to his W14 during qualifying last weekend.

The English driver duo have so far gelled well since Russell stepped up from Williams at the start of last season. But Hamilton was quick to jump on the team radio and complain about his team-mate’s ‘really dangerous’ move in Spain.

As Hamilton picked up speed in Russell’s slipstream he moved to the left-hand side of the track, only for the 25-year-old to move across with him, causing a collision that damaged Hamilton’s front wing.

The Silver Arrows’ trackside engineering director, Andrew Shovlin, shed new light on the incident during his post-race debrief, explaining that talks would take place over how to avoid something similar happening in the future.

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“Put simply, the drivers were trying to find a car finishing a lap in order to get a slingshot starting the lap themselves,” he told Mercedes’ official YouTube channel. “So that would give them more straight line speed, you can find around a tenth, maybe a little bit more on the straight.

“The car that was finishing then peels in and they can then conduct the rest of their lap in clear air. Now, the issue, put very simply, was that George and Lewis both tried to pick up [Carlos] Sainz as that slingshot.

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“Lewis got on to the back of him around Turn 10, as he then came around to start the lap, George was waiting because he knew that Sainz was coming, not realising that Lewis was just behind.

“Now, at the race track in Barcelona, we were very keen to make sure we focused on the race itself, not to worry about what went wrong in qualifying. But now that we are back at the factory, we will sit down and we will look at how we need to change our communication to make sure that we don’t confuse the drivers by not giving them the whole picture.”

Both Hamilton and Russell shook off their collision for Sunday’s race, coming away from Catalonia with two of the three podium places behind runaway Championship leader Max Verstappen.

After being pipped by his team-mate in the 2022 Drivers’ Championship, Hamilton has now opened up a 22-point lead over Russell with the season’s eighth Grand Prix in Canada up ahead.

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