Sky F1 commentator baffles fans over Married at First Sight chat

F1 fans were left baffled after David Croft went off on a two-minute-long tangent about Married at First Sight during the opening session of pre-season testing in Bahrain. The Sky Sports commentator said he believes the reality TV series was the “greatest show on the planet”.

Crofty also revealed he was “taking tips” from the show to use in his own relationship, having recently got engaged to partner Laure Bradley. Fellow F1 pundits including Rachel Brooks also expressed their interest in the show while they were interviewing Alpine Academy star Jack Doohan.

Sensing the danger, Croft quickly begged his colleagues not to reveal details about upcoming episodes. The exchange was quickly picked up by social media who were left shocked at the strange “crossover”.

@dannyrics3 posted: “Hearing Crofty talking about Married at First Sight was not on my testing bingo card.”

@naveenjrazik added: “Didn’t expect Married at First Sight to get a mention during the commentary for #F1Testing.” @DIRECTORHILL said: “Why is David Croft watching Married at First Sight Australia season 9 … this is a crossover I have never expected.”

@OtherConor commented: “David Croft talking to a young driver about plot points in Married at First Sight Australia. He’s [unparalleled], we must protect at all costs etc etc.” @UnknownAster commented: “It’s so funny when commentators get so off topic. Crofty and Jack talking about Married at First Sight.”

@NotEauRouge responded: “My favourite part of this testing session was when they were talking about Married at First Sight.”

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However, some fans of the show were concerned that Croft could be about to reveal spoilers. The show airs almost daily in the UK making it difficult for those following the series to always stay up to date.

@Carolina__f1 remarked: “Crofty is spilling all the tea from Married at First Sight Australia.” @mrchrisr91 wrote: “If you don’t want a spoiler alert of Married at First Sight Australia, don’t watch F1 Testing right now. Words I never thought I’d say today.”

Meanwhile, @beeisnottoobusy posted: “Crofty was just about to spoil Married at First Sight and my [stream] stopped.” @butw8asec also added: “I didn’t have “Crofty spoils Married At First Sight” on my F1 bingo card but here we are.”

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