Carles Puyol provides insight into Lionel Messi’s career plans at Barcelona

Former Barcelona star Carles Puyol has said that Lionel Messi“takes care of himself a lot so he can play until he is 38.”

The former Spain international added that Barcelona should focus on “winning as much as possible” while Messi is still in their ranks.

Puyol, 41, made the comments when speaking with local media on Sunday ahead of the Laureus World Sports Awards in Berlin, Germany.

When speaking about his relationship with his former club, Puyol said: “I have never distanced myself from Barcelona.

“I have been a supporter since I have the use of logic and will continue to be. I am always open to Barcelona, but it depends on the moment we find ourselves in.”

When asked about his thoughts of Barcelona without their Argentine superstar, the former defender said: “Messi is 32 years old.

“He is a football player that takes care of himself a lot, so he can play until he is 38. He would still have six years left.

“Why are we going to speak of Barcelona without Messi when we still have him around. What we should be talking about is Barcelona with Messi and trying to win as much as possible with him.”

When asked if he would join his former Spain teammate Iker Casillas’ team if he is elected as the Royal Federation of Spanish Football (RFEF) president he said: “Iker is a friend and I would listen to him, joining him is another thing.

“It is a nice position but it requires a lot of responsibility and a lot of time.”

Finally, when speaking about his future, Puyol said: “What I would like to do is play again but that is impossible. It is time to accept it.

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