CHRIS SUTTON: My worst Premier League defeat? A 7-1 battering

CHRIS SUTTON: My worst Premier League defeat? When I was at Norwich and Alan Shearer ran me ragged, I was carded for rugby tackling him on the way to a 7-1 hammering by Blackburn

  • Chris Sutton has revealed the worst defeat of his Premier League career
  • It comes after Manchester United were embarrassed by Liverpool on Sunday
  • Norwich’s 7-1 defeat to Blackburn in 1992 was an awful outing for the club 

We had a strange mentality at Norwich in 1992-93. We didn’t let defeats bother us, and that is probably why we were able to finish third in the Premier League with a goal difference of minus four.

We were top of the table when we rocked up at Blackburn in October. I was only 19 years old and my manager Mike Walker was using me as a central defender, instead of centre forward. 

I remember I was carded for rugby tackling Alan Shearer as he charged through on goal — a ‘professional foul’ you might call it. When I was only shown a yellow, I thought ‘phew’, but then Gordon Cowans scored the free-kick en route to a 7-1 hammering.

My defensive partner was Ian Butterworth, who was 28 and my captain. I still remember him speaking to the press afterwards, telling them that I needed to keep my head up, as if I was to blame. I thought, ‘You b****r!’ Norwich were good to watch back then. It was never a dull day out, that’s for sure. 

Chris Sutton (right) recalls Norwich’s 1992 defeat to Blackburn as his worst-ever defeat

Alan Shearer (left) scored twice in Blackburn’s rout as Sutton and his Norwich team-mates slumped to defeat

Shearer was brilliant on the day and scored his first goal with this delightful chip

We lost 7-1 to Blackburn, 4-1 to Liverpool, 5-1 to Tottenham that season. Of course Walker wasn’t happy when we were beaten like that. He would give us a good talking-to. 

But we were never sidetracked. We were already punching above our weight, in a surprise title race with Manchester United and Aston Villa. 

It wasn’t that we occasionally downed tools. We just had an open brand of football. When it worked, it was a joy. When it went wrong, oh boy did it. After the 7-1 defeat by Blackburn, our next game was against Carlisle in the League Cup. 

The bookmakers had me at 20-1 to score first because they thought I would be in defence again. But I started up front and scored twice in a 2-0 win. Not a bad way to bounce back, that, and I’m sure Erik ten Hag will be ordering his Manchester United morons to take out their frustrations on Real Betis on Thursday.

Sutton admitted Norwich has an ability that year to not let defeats bother them

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