DANNY MURPHY: Hungary should receive 12-month stadium ban after abuse

DANNY MURPHY: It’s ludicrous England’s players were racially abused in Hungary when the stadium should have been empty… only a 12-month ban and hefty fine will filter out these imbeciles once and for all

  • Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were racially abused by Hungary fans
  • Other England players had beer glasses and smoke flares pelted at them
  • UEFA instigated a stadium ban after previous racism but it didn’t apply 
  • That’s because last Thursday’s game in Budapest was a FIFA World Cup qualifier
  • Only by issuing a prolonged stadium ban can scourge of racism be tackled 

You have to ban Hungarian fans for longer after the racist behaviour we saw on Thursday night in Budapest. And the ban has to be for all matches. 

It is ludicrous that UEFA can instigate a punishment and FIFA don’t adhere to it for their games.

There can’t be any half-measures. We need a prolonged ban, I would say 12 months, so the Hungarian Football Federation are hit hard enough in the pocket that they do something and police games properly so players who travel there are protected.

Raheem Sterling was among the England players racially abused in Hungary last week

England’s stars were pelted with beer cups and other objects as they celebrated their goals

A smoke flare is pelted at England’s players as they celebrated one of their four goals

Hungary had been issued with a stadium ban by UEFA but it didn’t apply to the England match

Only proper action and a collective approach is going to drive the authorities in Hungary to properly filter out these imbeciles, or ‘dinosaurs’ as Gareth Southgate called them. 

I don’t know how many home matches Hungary have in a year but it’ll be enough to hurt them. 

Drastic measures are needed unfortunately and the governing bodies have to work in unison. It is plainly ridiculous if supporters can go to some matches and not others.

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