Derby players concerned over lack of news about takeover talks

Derby stars are increasingly concerned by lack of progress in takeover talks with Wayne Rooney’s squad waiting on money they agreed to defer during first lockdown AND their December wages

  • Wayne Rooney’s squad have not yet been paid their salaries for December 
  • They are also waiting for the wages they agreed to be deferred to be returned 
  • Proposed takeover by Sheik bin Zayed Al Nehayan has not yet been completed
  • Players at the club are becoming increasingly concerned over the lack of news 

Derby players are growing increasingly concerned about the club’s failure to conclude takeover talks which has caused a delay to their wages.

Wayne Rooney’s squad have not been paid their salaries for December and they are also waiting for the wages they agreed to defer – between 25 and 50 per cent of their salaries – during the spring lockdown to be returned.

The proposed takeover by Sheikh bin Zayed Al Nehayan has been in the pipeline since November but has not yet been completed, leading to concern within the squad, while the Supporters Trust have called on the club to clarify the precise position.

Derby stars are still waiting over news surrounding the club’s future with a takeover expected

Chief executive Stephen Pearce told talkSPORT: ‘We’ve heard nothing from either party of any problems with the takeover. We’ve been told it still is absolutely taking place.

‘All the legals and documentation is all completely done, it’s just a case of the final closing of the deal now. We expected it to take place on December 24.

‘That didn’t happen and now we are working to get funds sorted for the players’ payroll – that is our No1 priority.

Wayne Rooney’s squad are still yet to receive their wages for December with talks ongoing

‘We are speaking daily to the prospective new owners and there has been no issue raised by either party to indicate the deal won’t go through and I assured the players that is the case.

‘It is an unfortunate situation we are in but one where we see light at the end of the tunnel very soon.’

Pearce also said other members of staff and academy players had been paid but admitted the senior squad and some coaches had not yet been as of Thursday.

He added: ‘We are in normal dialogue with those guys (the interested party) and we are being told there are no complications with the takeover.’

Sheikh Khaled , cousin of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour, is close to buying the club

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