Empty Etihad costing Man City £86k per match but Chelsea and Spurs losing more

A study has revealed which Premier League clubs are losing out on the most matchday revenue from empty seats in their stadium – and it's not Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola's reigning champions often get bantered for their 'Emptyhad' ground, and even a commentator inadvertently made the dig in their recent clash with Chelsea.

But City have every right to be "unimpressed" with this claim, because they only rank fifth in the list, while the Blues and their London counterparts Tottenham feature higher than them.

The research by OLGB.com took each Prem club's average attendance so far this season and the lowest cost of an available ticket to work out the estimated money lost per home fixture.

And it was Spurs who came out as worse off as they have averaged 8,284 empty seats per matchday, which is costing them approximately £165,000 each time.

When they left White Hart Lane and moved to their new stadium in 2019, the amount of fans they could welcome increased by 26k.

The decision to up the capacity that much is not paying off, as they have over 5,000 more empty seats on average than second-placed Chelsea.

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Thomas Tuchel's men are missing out on the support of 3,282 home fans every match.

However, it seems their steep ticket prices could be harming them, because it equates to roughly £154k each home match.

They have less empty seats on average than Southampton's 3,388, but the south-coast side only miss out on £108k in comparison.

Burnley follow closely behind in fourth with the Lancashire club dropping £101k per game thanks to their 3,393 unsold tickets.

Then come City, who have averaged 2,465 empty seats for each home game which costs them £86k a time.

At the other end of the table, it is Leicester who are declared the victors.

The FA Cup holders average just 251 empty seats per Premier League match at the King Power Stadium, which has a capacity of roughly 32k.

The Foxes therefore only miss out on a mere £6,526 when playing on home turf.

The list in full from most revenue lost per matchday to least (average empty seats):

1. Tottenham – £165,680 (8,284)

2. Chelsea – £154,254 (3,282)

3. Southampton – £108,416 (3,388)

4. Burnley – £101,790 (3,393)

5. Manchester City – £86,275 (2,465)

6. Crystal Palace – £66,272 (1,744)

7. Watford – £60,156 (1,671)

8. Leeds – £40,100 (1,604)

9. West Ham – £39,950 (1,598)

10. Newcastle – £38,853 (1,439)

11. Wolves – £37,110 (1,237)

12. Manchester United – £35,402 (1,142)

13. Brighton – £30,060 (1,002)

14. Arsenal – £27,326 (1,051)

15. Aston Villa – £21,996 (846)

16. Everton – £16,320 (510)

17. Liverpool – £13,949 (377)

18. Brentford – £13,650 (455)

19. Norwich – £9,390 (313)

20. Leicester – £6,526 (251)

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